Video Projects

I've been making videos for awhile now — ever since…ohh boy…8th grade. Let me tell you about my journey:

I taught myself how to make videos, I guess. In 8th grade I signed up for HTV, my middle school's morning news program that was broadcasted to every single classroom in the school, and Movie Making, an elective where we made, well…movies. These two classes were my first real exposure to the world of media production. I absolutely loved HTV. Every morning I would get up early to go to school to work on either preparing the graphics for the day or controlling the audio during the broadcast. The other 15 or so people had various other jobs, including operating cameras, writing news stories, operating the teleprompter, playing back clips, or being on-screen talent. It was really fun and was how I met Mr. Robert Zahn and Mr. Paul Derych from GNPS/TV.

Both of them taught my movie making class as well. In that class, Mr. Zahn taught us all of the fundamentals of movie making — from the different types of shots to the editing process. I created many of my first films in that class — and surprisingly, my final film actually wasn't all that bad!

I believe the first video I ever really made was for a social studies project in the beginning of 8th grade. I used my filming skills that I learned in Mr. Zahn's class to film and used iMovie on my 2011 iMac to edit. I had barely ever edited before so I just taught myself. And, to my surprise, I was actually quite good at it from the very beginning! You can watch this video in the showcase below.

In November of 8th grade, I decided to buy Final Cut Pro X for $300 one day. And from there I just taught myself more advanced video editing, and I made my first video using Final Cut Pro for a YouTube channel I started. I won't say much more about it, but you can watch it below as well.

After that, I continued to hone my skills in filming and editing. I started using DSLR cameras from my school to film and became a pro at Final Cut. I like to say that I have developed a distinct style of filming and editing that people really do like.

Over the years, I have completed more complex projects for personal, robotics, and even professional applications. I love making a wide variety of videos and look forward to continuing this hobby for the rest of my life!

Below are are many of the videos that I have made:
Note: Some videos do not play embedded. In that case, just use the link below the video.

Cornell Electric Vehicles Recruitment Video

August 2022

As part of our effort to recruit new members to CEV, I created this video.

Cornell Electric Vehicles Giving Day Video

February 2022

At Cornell, I am a Software and Operations member of Cornell Electric Vehicles, a Cornell Project Team. Our goal is to build the world's most efficient electric vehicle!

As part of our effort to raise money to support our team, I created this video to promote the team for Cornell's Giving Day.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Video

March 2021

From November 2020 to March 2021, I participated in the 2021 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge. My group designed and developed a computer application to help mitigate eye fatigue while using a computer through vision and machine learning. Check out our application in our submission video below!

How To Properly Submit Your AP Exam — Rube Goldberg Machine

June 2020

This was my final project AP Physics I, which was to construct a Rube Goldberg machine.

Saif Punjwani, my partner for the project, and I decided to take this COVID style by making the machine work across our houses.

This was a really fun and challenging project.

To All the Teachers Out There — We Thank You

June 2020

This was my final project for my Independent Study film class, and I could not be happier for it.

This was intentionally a very simple, yet powerful video. The footage is of the teacher parade.

Macbeth Project

June 2020

This was my final English 11AP project, and was a little different than my teacher normally does it due to COVID.

This was fun to make, as all of my group members were very cooperative. Some of the perks of this were making the beginning scene, which encompassed clips of SHS from an anti-vaping video made a couple months back, sound generated tones, and a newspaper article that I wrote in a Shakespearean-English dialect.

COVID-19 — A Documentary and Day in the Life of a High School Student

May 2020

Ahh this one was fun to make, and I think it's one of my better, completely original pieces — filmed, starred in, and edited all by me.

We had to do a COVID-19 documentary as part of my Independent Study film class. I'm very happy with the way this turned out, and will definitely be interesting to watch later in life.

FRC Team 2638 Rebel Robotics Sings "Country Roads"

April 2020

This was a really darn cool one to make. It involved everything from planning to intense video editing.

I won't go into all the detail, but editing this was soooooo much harder than I anticipated. Tuning every single person's sound perfectly took forever, and the last part when 30 people were on the screen completely destroyed my new iMac.

This took almost a week straight of editing, but the results are AMAZING. This video still gives me tears to this day.

Wash Your Hands — PSA

April 2020

This was the 2nd PSA I did, and it was part of an assignment from my Independent Study film class to create a COVID-19 related PSA.

I still don't necessarily like the concept I chose, but oh well.

AP Physics 1 Bike Lab Part 1 - Overview

March 2020

This is what happens when you're quarantined inside, have nothing better to do, and receive a notification that your AP Physics 1 teacher is giving EXTRA CREDIT for doing this. Enjoy!

AP Physics 1 Bike Lab Part 2 - Video Analysis in Detail

March 2020

This is (also) what happens when you're quarantined inside, have nothing better to do, and receive a notification that your AP Physics 1 teacher is giving EXTRA CREDIT for doing this. Enjoy!

2020 Chairman's Award Video

March 2020

This was perhaps the most special effects I ever did in a video.

This was Star Wars themed since the FRC game was Star Wars themed, so the Darth Vader voice/hands and concept of the video was definitely fitting (Fun Fact: Alex Voses did that Palpatine voice without ANY sound modifications!)

With my new iMac, the video was a breeze to edit. Cheesy at times? Perhaps. But fun? Definitely.

Clue Set Design

February 2020

This was something I did as part of The Southerner, SHS's newspaper that had a newly established video component, promoting our Winter Play, Clue.

I was filming this in the midst of robotics, and I remember it being quite stressful for me to do. But nevertheless I got it done and it turned out nicely.

Structural Racism and Implicit Bias

December 2019

This was a project for my English 11AP class. Not much else to say here, as the editing process was pretty standard. Though it was one of the first videos that I VoiceOvered.

The New SHS Library — Reveal Video

November 2019

Ahh this was fun. So SHS completely redesigned their entire library for something like $1 million (phew!) and only me and a couple other people were allowed to see inside it before it opened.

Derek Delson, an amazing aspiring filmmaker, came up with this idea to run on The Southerner, the school newspaper. After weeks of trying to find a time to film, I finally filmed and edited this reveal video.

The New SHS Library — Virtual Tour

November 2019

This took awhile. Like we were supposed to start at 2pm and finish at 3pm, but instead we finished at 12am.

So what happened was we were supposed to film this using the district's 360° camera. But that didn't work out, as the camera refused to work. We called Mr. Derych from the middle school to come over a few times to help fix it to no avail.

So we ended up ditching that idea and instead filmed with Derek Delson's camera, the host of this video, mounted on a rolling cart we happened to find. It actually ended up working out pretty nicely.

The New SHS Library — 360° Tour

November 2019

Now, I said in the previous section that we couldn't get the 360° camera to work — and that was true.

But what I did not tell you was that Mr. Derych actually brought over a much smaller, much less expensive, and much worse quality 360° camera they had. It was too late to re-film the whole other part, so instead I just walked to each room and held the camera there for some time. My arm got pretty tired.

Editing this was hard, as my computer could barely keep up with it. I could not imagine what it would have been if I had to edit the 4K 60FPS 360° camera — this one was only 720p I think (EDIT: upon further inspection it looks as if I had the timeline in 4K…that's why…).

How to Use the Campus Portal App

October 2019

After a decent amount of months not making a video, I finally was tasked to make one by my computer teacher, Mrs. Scheinberg. SHS got a new student-management app and she wanted me to make a video on how to use it.

Simple enough - I just grabbed my project assets from my iPad tutorials from two years prior and made a simple tutorial video.

2019 Chairman's Award Video

March 2019

This is probably my favorite video on this entire page. Not only do I do some pretty cool stuff in the video — including (but not limited to) drone shots, motion tracking, and 3D animation — but it is also just purely…magnificent.

It's no wonder this video helped us win the Chairman's Award, which is the highest award in FRC robotics.

2019 Robot Reveal Video

February 2019

This was my 2nd Robot Reveal Video, and unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, I think it will have been my last.

Nevertheless, this one was even more fun than the first to make. I remember editing it for like 20 hours straight since we needed to get it out on time!

Thanks to Deep Datta's super expensive camera for providing great footage for this!

STIMS/FIRST Dashboard Tutorial

October 2018

This was just a 10 minute tutorial video I made for my robotics club. Nothing too interesting here, no fancy editing either.

360° Video Test

July 2018

Ah, this one was cool!

Besides being the district's first 360° video, it was super fun to work with the 360° video camera.

Enjoy! This video is best viewed on some sort of VR headset, by the way.

Relay Field Day 2018

July 2018

This was my 2nd relay field day video, and honestly kinda similar to the first. I remember getting yelled at by Mr. Zahn since I used the same music for the dunk tank part as the year prior. Oh well!

2018 Robot Reveal Video

March 2018

This was the first video I made for robotics. I loved every aspect of it, from filming with Mr. Zahn's and Winston Gao's camera to editing the thing to the beat, it was so fun.

This was also my first video that got more than 1000 views!

How to Connect to the Student WiFi

January 2018

In 9th grade, the SHS technology teachers, Mrs. Scheinberg and Mr. Reader, tasked me to create a video informing the school how to connect to the student WiFi, install app updates, and update the iOS of their school iPads.

These videos were very animation-heavy, and I remember my 5K iMac from 2014 had trouble handling them!

Shown here is one of the five different videos I made. The rest are linked below:
How to Connect to the Student WiFi on Your MacBook
How to Connect to the Student WiFi on Your Personal iPad
How to Update the iOS on Your School iPad
How to Update the Apps on Your School iPad

Surprise Me Film

January 2018

This is what happens when you have 3 days to conceive, film, and edit a video.

That's all I'll say.

Personal Film

January 2018

This was probably the longest actual film that I filmed and edited so far. I remember staying at school until 10 PM every day trying to finish this one up, even on the day before December vacation.

But oh boy, did this turn out great. It wasn't my story, but the way I edited I must say is pretty darn good. See it for yourself. Everyone loved it, and some were even in tears.

Theatre of the Absurd

November 2017

This is still one of my favorites.

This was also for Advanced Filmmaking, and I remember it being incredibly fun to film. Elie Weitzman, the main actor in this film, is absolutely phenomenal. And this whole thing was his idea too.

"Guhhh, guhhhhhh, GUHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Silent Film

October 2017

This was my first film I had to make for my Advanced Filmmaking class in 9th grade. I think it's quite powerful and good.

I was the cameraman and editor, and everyone else who were talent did an amazing job.

Cannon 70D Test

October 2017

This was an artsy one - just random shots of random things in my house.

I took home the Cannon 70D after learning how to use it in my Advanced Filmmaking class in 9th grade.

And this is what came of that.

Relay Field Day 2017

July 2017

This is one of my favorites of all time.

This was for the annual South Middle School Relay for Life Field Day, which raises money for cancer.

Over the summer going into 9th grade, I edited this video in the GNPS/TV studio as a student worker. The dunk tank sequence for the 2nd half was so incredibly fun to edit. It was really the best day of my life ;)

Makerspace Roller Coaster

May 2017

This was one I worked pretty damn hard on. My Makerspace teacher, Mrs. Elzer, had an idea to make a video promoting the new elective. Sure enough, I volunteered to make one!

This was my first video with real 3D animation, using my Cinema4D skills I got from a Saturday class I just completed at Hofstra University.

You can see some of my obsessions with Apple in this video with the iMac and the iPhone in the background.

No Place for Hate PSA

April 2017

This was the most serious video I had ever made, and my first PSA. I filmed this with my friend Nate just after completing the above Digital Citizenship video.

We were so tired from that video that we almost didn't make this one. But we're so glad we did because it won our school's video contest and allowed us to go to NYC to a No Place for Hate ceremony!

Digital Citizenship Video

March 2017

This was kinda an annoying video that I created with my friend Nate. Our technology teacher, Mr. Lander, wanted us to create this video to show to parents during the annual digital citizenship presentation thingy for incoming 6th graders.

The most annoying part by far of this video was VideoScribe — or in other words the whole handwriting premise of the video. Nate and I spent our entire February break working on this. It took forever.

On the evening of the presentation, Nate and I introduced our video to the parents and school administrators. It was very nerve-racking for me at the time.

8th Grade Final Project

January 2017

This was my first real 'film' per se and was my final project for my 8th grade movie making class. It's not terrible for only being filmed with point-and-shoots.

I remember this being incredibly stressful and hard to do with the people in my group. They were just not very serious about it, but I managed to get them to at least show up for filming.

Tree Girl

December 2016

Phew. I made a lot of videos during December 2016.

This was a cool one to make. It was a project we had to do for a book we read in English called Tree Girl.

For this video I bought some green paper and taped it to my wall to create a green screen for my dad. I learned all about keying and stuff like that.

My English teacher told me this was the best video she'd ever seen from the many years she's been doing this project. Nice.

Dynamic Planet

December 2016

This was a fun one. It was also for a project in 8th grade earth science, and here is where I really started to show some of my quirks.

Yes, the beginning is political. But the prompt for the video was something along the lines of Trump passing a bill to protect the earth. Sounds just like him, right…?

But that first part with the MishMasher thing was still honestly one of the funnest things I've ever done with video editing.

Rock Cycle

December 2016

This one was for a science project for my 8th grade Earth Science class. My group was the only one who had a good video ;)

This was when I started doing some more advanced stuff in Final Cut Pro, like keyframing and small animations.

Library Promo

December 2016

My first video that got broadcasted! It was shown on my middle school's daily morning news station, HTV, to every single homeroom in the school! I remember getting tons of shivers while it was playing.

The middle school played this in their library for a couple years repeatedly on a large monitor.

How To Download YouTube Videos Fast and Without Any Software

November 2016

Doesn't everyone want to be a YouTuber when they grow up?

Well, I certainly did. With my single (kinda cringy) video, I scored a whopping TWO subscribers to my TheTechGuy channel.


Food for Thought

October 2016

My first real video I filmed and edited. This was for a social studies project. I got a 100 on it.

I filmed this in my house over the weekend. I remember my parents were not too fond of me filming them, but I was able to convince them nonetheless.